Lacnor Uht Low Fat Milk 1 Ltr


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1 litre, 180 ml and 125 ml of flavoured milk available
With Vitamins & Calcium Enriched
From farms where cows freely wander and eat fresh grass

Nurture the health and longevity of your family with Lacnor Milk Low Fat. Out of 100 percent natural ingredients, this refreshing, naturally delicious milk is made. Artificial additives or preservatives are not used. This milk is enriched with all the vitamins and calcium that are needed.



Water, Whole & Skimmed Milk Powder, Approved Stabilizers E412 & E407, Vegetable Emulsifier E471, Vitamins A&d, 8.5%, Milk Solids Non Fat, 1.5%, Milk Fat. Origin: Cow’s Milk


Average nutritional values per 100ml: vitamin a ( 100 iu ), vitamin d ( 30 iu ), calcium ( 110mg)