Baby Eggplant 1kg


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BEST QUALITY-40 Patio Baby Eggplant seeds are included in this box.
HARDINESS ZONES-USDA Hardiness Zones 5 to 12 are ideal for Patio Baby Eggplant plants. The frost-tender, herbaceous perennials that are normally grown as annuals are egg plants.
THE BEST CONTAINER VARIETY-In this lightweight, edible ornamental, bright purple flowers add appeal. For containers and small-space planting, Patio Baby is great.
Development RATE-Offering a summer harvest, a prodigiously prolific dwarf eggplant, 25 to 50 luscious babies are produced by each plant. Compact 16-20 “plants clustered with egg-shaped plants on the patio. Thin-skinned 2-3” long fruit with a tender taste, suitable for grilling or roasting.
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